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If you are looking to go to law school or just learn about an interesting area of the law, there are a few areas that are growing in popularity at speeds that others just aren’t growing at – including ones that go back to the recent technological and social changes. The legal field is broken down into so many different little subcategories and niches because it has to be. One cannot simply be interested and good at all areas of the law – you’d be studying forever and never actually getting the chance to do the work. Most lawyers will pick a few areas that are interesting or relevant to where they want to live and go from there. However, if you are looking to pick a new niche, here are some of the most interesting fields that will also yield business:

Drug Lawyer

We don’t have to tell you that the drug problem in the United States and around the world continues to grow. So many people have to fight their demons and many of them lose that battle. However, even more need the help of a drug lawyer to get better, get back to their lives, and stay clean. Drug lawyers work on both sides of the law, helping those who are drug users, drug manufacturers, victims of drug dealers, and drug traffickers. This is a field that is only going to continue to grow into the future – it shows no signs of stopping. Now, some areas of the country have many drug lawyers already, but they always need more. Whether you are looking to be a drug lawyer in Chester County, PA or in Texas, it matters what you specialize in, so you may want to look into it.

Environmental Lawyers

The environment is a huge topic of conversation for all of us – and environmental law is only going to continue to become more popular as the world shifts and changes. Companies, communities, and even states are going to be suing governments and fighting over statutes and regulations. We are going to need to people who are passionate about the environment and willing to go to bat for their ideas and hopes for what we will do about Global Warming, Climate change, and our impact.  

Employment Law

More people are going into the workforce than ever before – and that means there need to be many more employment lawyers. They will be on the side of the workers or on the side of the workplaces. Lawyers in employment law need to be astute and ready to deal with changing regulations and laws as the workforce continues to change and those workplaces continue to change. Remember that this type of law will take a lot of work and memorization.  

Internet Lawyer

An internet lawyer helps people deal with internet crimes, including things like stalking, impersonation, child pornography, revenge porn, and all of these other things that people do online. It really does seem to bring out the worst in people, and there is no sign of stopping at any point soon – this is a great area of law to get into – especially if you like to spend time online. Something to think about with this area of law is that you may spend some time looking at things that you may not really want to see.  

Elder Law

We have a population of people who are only getting older and they are going to need legal representation. If you are the type of person who is interested in taking care of the elderly, this make be a great niche to head into for your line of work. These lawyers need to know about nursing homes, hospitals, personal elderly care, and sometimes even wills and estate law.  Remember that people are living longer and requiring more care, so this is going to be a growing and changing field. These are just a few of the fastest areas of growth for the legal field in any given area. There are areas of this country and this world where other fields may be growing at faster rates or slower rates. As time goes by and the world changes, there are going to be many other areas of law where things will change.

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